HomeKit Secure Video and HomeKit

So I just got the Eufy 2k cameras. The Eufy App I like and just wanted to be able to view my camera’s in HomeKit.

I don’t need to use the secure video or anything I just want the option to view the camera in HomeKit so I can view it on my AppleTV.

I followed the instructions for setup in HomeKit and it by default added the SecureVideo as well. Now I can’t record in 2K I don’t get any Eufy Alerts and I can’t seem to found out how to just use HomeKit without use Apple SecureVideo. I perfectly fine with Eufy recording to the base and Eufy being the main character.

How can I turn off Apple SecureVideo but still keep the functionality of it showing in HomeKit.

I have Arlo as well. Arlo is also capable of showing in HomeKit but its viewing only. In HomeKit I don’t get any Arlo alerts. All alerts from my Arlo come from the Arlo App.