Homekit Advantage

At this time is there any big advantage to using or linking to Homekit since the iCloud storage isn’t available yet? My concern is the additional battery drain with linking to Homekit.
One thing I do like about viewing on Homekit is that I can see the state of charge down to unit digits.
Thanks in advance…

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What I’ve noticed so far:

Advantage to Homekit

  • battery state of charge readout 0-100 (but can also see that in Eufy app when the EufyCam is charging)
  • motion detection from the Cam can be used in Homekit to trigger automations
  • in live streaming, latency in Homekit is even lower the in the Eufy app. The Eufy app is already quite good.
  • HSV, eventually

Disadvantage to Homekit

  • disables the burned in timestamp (and, if you wanted it, the Eufy stamp) in recordings in the Eufy app. This is unfortunate; the timestamp is a valuable feature.
  • possible hit to battery life. I’ve only had the cameras less than a week, and battery life is quite good, so pretty hard to test. I have not tried, yet.
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