HomeBase WiFi Connect

Hello All

My HomeBase 2 Version wouldn’t like to connect my WiFi Network at Home, I figure out that my WiFi Password are not compatible with your system it means if a dollar sign „$“ included at at the WiFi Password the HomeBase 2 could not connect.

I removed the „$“ sign at my WiFi password and everthing works fine may there is a bug at the Firmware.

Firmware from the homebase 2 is and subsystem version er

Did have anyone the same issue ?

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Hi @Wuggi, thank you for letting us know your concern.

So sorry that the dollar sign is currently not compatible with eufy system, rest assured that we have report this issue to our engineering team and hopefully it will be fixed in the next coming up firmware version.

Hope this information helps! If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact support@eufylife.com.

Have a nice day!

Ok thanks for your help do you know when the new Firmware is coming ?