Homebase switching between wifi & Ethernet

@AnkerTechnical, I have an issue with the homebase constantly switching between wifi and Ethernet mode. Is there anyway of stopping this? It’s annoying me to no extent, it just randomly does it whenever it wants, midnight, 1, 2, 3, 4am. Seems as if there has been a bug released in the software update. Can you fix it ASAP before I throw the homebase out of the window when it wakes me up early in the am? Thanks

@ads_Eufy… As far as I know, when you have your homebase setup for Ethernet and Wifi it automatically switches to wifi when the ethernet cable is disconnected and switches back to ethernet automatically as soon as you plug the cable back in. I just confirmed that on my homebase. It worked perfectly for me.

What mode are you using ethernet or wifi? If you are using ethernet and your homebase is switching between ethernet and wifi maybe you have a bad ethernet cable or connection. Wifi will only work if you have the ethernet cable disconnected. Hope this helps. if not, you should open a support ticket with eufy support.

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3:22am and it does it’s switcharoo.!! @Maypo52, I’m using Ethernet connection. The modem has a backup SIM card if the main internet went down. I haven’t touched the Ethernet cable, new things keep popping up all the time with app updates and software updates. To me, I seems like Eufy aren’t doing full UAT. They are too busy trying to push out new Products instead of fixing and testing their existing products properly. I’m starting to really get annoyed given the HIGH prices we pay for things in Australia.

@Ads_Eufy You’ve probably already done this but have you given the Homebase a restart since the last update was installed (besides the auto restart during update)?

Like @Maypo52 has mentioned it might be worth reporting / opening a ticket with support@eufylife.com for a quicker resolution to the issue if it’s still ongoing…

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@ndalby, yeah I’ve reset it a couple of times now. Still makes no difference. Thanks for the email address, I’ll raise a ticket with them now. :blush:

Something to do with IP lease time? Got it set for 1 day?
Can’t you forget WiFi setting to force it to just use ethernet?

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I haven’t changed anything to do with the IP. there is no way to force it to just use the Ethernet, that’s the annoying thing

IP lease would be setup in your router / switch
I found by upping the lease to 9 days rather than 1 day my devices have been more stable

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I’m not that technical, the router etc was delivered pre configured. The internet provider to deal with over the phone is painful, they are clueless script readers. :man_shrugging:t3:

There is an issue within the software that will be updated in next months release. I’m
Not sure if that is Sept or Oct. But until then, I’ll be driven crazy with the switching of the modes

Finally… peace and quiet at last!!!

@Ads_Eufy Glad to hear that your problem has been resolved. Please tell us what was the final fix?

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@Maypo52 I’m not sure exactly what the final fix was. There is now an option button to turn off wifi even if you didn’t have it activated. Seems to have worked whatever was done.

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