Homebase reboot after power cut

Hi we had a powercut and the cameras did not reconnect . How can we reboot remotely as we can not longer view anything .
Does somebody need to physically reboot and if so how do we do that ?
Thank you

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Are you able to control and access the Homebase via the app, such as forcing another restart etc? If so, does turning the camera on / off allow re-connection and live viewing?

Hi thanks for idea but the “on /off” for each camera does not show - it just says Homebase is offline . Hitting “refresh” does nothing either

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Sounds like you have a possible network issue (no connection, IP conflict etc) due to the power cut that would require a physical restart of the Homebase itself…it power has been restored to the Homebase at all.

Seems that must be it and the flaw in my security arrangements - I will need to incorporate a power supply back up if I cannot rely on the Homebase not reconnecting after a power cut

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Had two power outages since setting mine up and both times the system came back up without issue. Could be several things which without being in front of the Homebase makes it hard to diagnose and possibly future proof.

Had that issue when it took a while for the internet to connect after router powered up

Had to press the button on the back of the base station to reset it

It has mysteriously reconnected after several hours

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So it came back after a few hrs? I’m also remote and had a power outage and the homebase had been offline… tried to restart it for a few hrs and nothing…

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I had the same problem in Greece where power failures happen a lot. The problem is that when the power is up again, both the wifi router and the Eufycam Homebase start up at the same time. However the Homebase is faster then the wifi router to start up again and is trying to connect for a while with the router but stops before the router is online again. You then have to unplug the Homebase and plug it in again. Problem is that you are not around to do that. I solved this problem with a simple 24 hrs timeclock that stops the power to the Homebase for a short while every 24 hrs. Since the wifi router is up and running then, the Homebase can connect. This works fine.

I don’t own any of the Homebase products but your described problem with other products - the sequence they recover from power outage - and I did a couple of workarounds.

Firstly, all “server” type products shared a UPS, ended up needed 1600VA (I think) to survive the longest outages. I had my modem, router and my Raspberry Pi on this. You’d consider putting the Homebase also on a UPS in this context, so it doesn’t actually suffer any outage.

Secondly, for non-server products who were not too happy with a power glitch, I put on a smart switch. Anker makes them. You need a working Wifi connection. You could consider putting the Homebase on to one of these.

Your workaround of a timed reboot is also a good idea, I have one house I care for with an old Wifi router which periodically hangs for no good reason, I have a timed power outage middle of night on it, and that works fine for some years now.

Anker probably is not the product you can buy in your country, they do smart plugs but I think its USA only, so another band, and Anker don’t do UPS.

UPS will be the most expensive, there are products where you buy a smaller one and see if it’s got enough power stored, and if not then daisy-chain an extension to them - that’s what I ended up doing.

Away from servers and UPS I progressively made each tech decision with outage in mind, got everyone cellphones with a reasonable data, laptops with reasonable battery life, plenty of Anker Bolder flashlights, Anker Powercore for the phones, Eufy battery stick-on lights for nighttime walking without ruining night vision, and by the end we were very secured from outages.