Homebase is offline

Without fail, every few days, I wake up to find the cameras aren’t working and the app claiming that the Homebase is offline. I then have to go and reset the Homebase by pulling plug and pressing the button. However, if I’m away, it’s not something I can do.

Everything else connected to the router is online. Why can’t the Homebase keep trying to connect like everything else until successful? It’s like the internet goes down for a minute, which is common in this area, and that’s the Homebase disconnected until it’s restarted.

Also, despite the camera having its own network to the base, no recordings are saved to the SD card or show on the app when you reboot the Homebase. Why would an outgoing connection fault stop the recording in a closed system?

Have the same issue, also without internet you can’t use the app to connect to homebase even when phone is connected to the same network

Send our support an email, as it should continue to record to the SD card. It’s made to do so in case of issues such as this.

I experience the same issue and no interruption on internet I have to reset the homebase which is stupid