Homebase is not resetting - red light stays on

I just took the updates yesterday and now I am having trouble talking to the homebase - getting failed to request -998 messages. Trying to get to the cameras as well is getting similar error. I wasn’t able to get to my alerts. So, I unplugged the homebase and waitied an amount of time greater than my patience allows for. I then plugged the device back in and after the red light blinked 20 times, it became solid red. Anyone else having this issue?

The way you did, the Homebase still runs on backup power and therefore will not “reset” or beeing turned off.

Unplug the Homebase from the power. A voicemessage will inform you that the HB is running on backup battery now. Then press the little round button directly to the left of the power plug at the homebase. This will turn off the HB completely. Wait 5 Minutes. Plug in the power again and wait if this will help to bring the HB back online.


Thanks @yamyam.
@Cams see if this “RESET” helps you. Post your findings here… we can help if you have other issues with eufycam.

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@yamyam Thanks for your suggestion. @Cams Sorry for the inconvenience caused. As to your issue, please try to restart the home base to see how it works. If the light of the home base is red, there may be something wrong with the network. If you need further help, please feel free to contact us via support@eufylife.com.