Homebase/Eufycam2C + Huawei B535 Router


I have a Homebase/Eufycam2C + Huawei B535 Router.

Everything works fine… at daytime.

During the night (every night), something happens, I don’t now what, but it blocks router data download. I can still connect to router, but Internet download is blocked. No log on router showing any issue.

I restart router in the morning, and everything is fine.

I tried DHCP, I tried Homebase in DMZ, I tried another B535 router, I tried another SIM card. Same issue : Internet download is blocked. But if I disconnect Homebase2 the router I still working (download ok) in the morning.

I don’t know what to do. Any idea ?

Thanks !

Your service provider?

Your 4G service provider may be block / prioritise certain types of traffic through the 24/7 period to make use their limited 4G capacity.

Try a different SIM card from a different service provider?

Did you reset the device?

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