Homebase didn’t record during home broadband/WiFi outage

@AnkerSupport I had a broadband/WiFi outage today during which my Homebase failed to record an event. The app showed this during the outage:

Isn’t it supposed to work independently of home broadband/WiFi?? If not then it can be very easily bypassed by cutting the phone line to the house!


According to the situation you described, you can restart the router and reconnect to the home base for a try.:innocent:

@AnkerOfficial I have restarted the router and Homebase and there were no events recorded during the outage, there should have been two!

I have reflected your special situation to the support team.

In general, the recording will be stored in the Homebase when the WiFi is available.

Please send an email to support@eufylife.com, our support team will try the best to solve the issue for you.

@AnkerOfficial thanks, I have emailed them. There were no recordings stored on the Homebase during the outage; there should have been two.

Does this mean that the HomeBase has its own battery to keep it working during power outages, but it doesn’t work anyway because it needs WiFi, which typically doesn’t work during an outage? If this is the case, this is a serious design flaw…

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I can confirm this same situation. My homebase lost connection to my wifi for several hours. During that time there were multiple events that should have been recorded. When wifi was restored there were no recorded events for the time of the wifi outage.

The reply from eufysupport:

“The camera should keep recording within 1-2 hours when the network is disconnected. When the nework is coming back, you are able to watch the videos recorded during this period. But to remind the customers to check the network, the app would show the homebase is offline unless the networks is coming back. And also the camera will not record any video when the time of network disconnected is beyond 2 hours.

Could you please do a test? You can disconnect the network and move in the front of camera to see if you can watch the video when the network comes back.”

I’ll report back when I’ve done the test.

This is taken from the FAQ page at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1116368506/evercam-the-wirefree-security-cam-with-365-day-bat/faqs :

What will happen if there’s a power outage?

  • The HomeBase, cameras and sensors have built-in batteries, so the system will continue to surveil your property for 2 days.

  • Motion detection and video recording will work as usual during a power outage. If the internet is down, your HomeBase will save video clips onto local storage and then sync up to the cloud* once the internet is back on. *Cloud subscription is required.

So, what is this 2-hour thing? Is this another instance of @AnkerSupport failing to keep their promises, as for the IFTTT support?

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Not working because the WiFi is out is a big deal. The whole point, I thought, was that it didn’t utilise your WiFi to send footage to the base. In which case, why didn’t it record?

In regards to the issues of the cam not showing recorded events when the internet is disconnected from the cams:

We found this to be a bug - The video was recording but when the internet was restored, the recorded videos were never syncing to the app. We have fixed this in our latest update, which should be pushed to all systems over the next couple of days. Thanks for catching this everyone!

@Springfield the functionality of the camera is not how our support is describing it in this situation. The camera will continue to record as normal until the HomeBase’s battery has died during a power outage.

Could you provide the ticket number, as this was probably a simple mistake of the rep mistakenly saying ‘hours’ when they meant days.

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@AnkerSupport the latest firmware updates seem to have fixed this. I have PM’d the ticket number to you. Thank you.

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@AnkerSupport thanks for fixing this issue. :relieved:

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