HomeBase Alarm - how do I silence it on a false alarm?

So I love the HomeBase alarm feature. I have it enabled at night for human motion at a volume that will wake me up, but not the neighborhood.

But I don’t know how to turn the damn thing off when it turns on. All I want to do is silence the alarm and then watch the video. But the thing just keeps going… is there a button to cancel the alarm?

I tried clicking on the phone notification for the motion and it doesn’t silence the alarm.

So frustrated!

Ask here as well :


I found out it automatically shuts off after 30 seconds.

There is also a pop up within the app when you view the event that set off the alarm. The pop up is red and it has a button to cancel the alarm, however, the area where you press to accomplish this is so small that you have to press several times before it cancels. Might as well wait the 30 seconds for it to shut off on it’s own.

Can Eufy make the button larger? It’s basically just a little red X.