Homebase 2

Hi all,

Just started with the Eufy products.
I have an indoor security cam 2k, it works fine with the Eufy app, I also have two EufyCam 2C cameras, they are connected to the Homebase 2.
My question is, to change the alarm staus from home to away I need to do the indoor and outdoor cams seperately, is there a way to connect all things to the homebase, or set all devices with one button?



Hi @mic15 at present you would need to set status separately as the indoor cam is not yet supported with the Homebase.

Eufy have mentioned in the past that they hope to bring Homebase support to the indoor camera in the near future.

You might find other Eufy users at :


Thanks, will take a look.

If you can’t find help there’s remember to contact support

Hi, sorry for the late reply but my memership was suspended for some reason.

Thanks for the info.