HomeBase 2 records videos from cams - but they won't appear in the app

Hello all,

I have been using eufy products for some time and am actually very satisfied. However, since this morning I have a problem.

I currently have two cameras (eufyCam 2) and a wireless doorbell. Movements are detected and push notifications are sent. When I click on the push notification, it takes me directly to the recorded video.

Problem: When I go into the app and want to view the recordings, there are none (as of this morning, the old ones are still there). No more recordings are displayed, even though they should be there (I was able to access the video once by pressing the push notification).

Do you have any idea what happened?

What I have tried so far:

Restart via the app (worked, no change).
Restart by disconnecting the power (worked, no change).
Repair memory (worked, added a single recorded video afterwards - but there were more movements / recordings).
Format storage (failed)


There is a special EUFY forum.
You can publish your question there also,


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Did you select a date that you know there are recordings?
May be you are aware but to double check, when you go to the events tab, scroll to previous day on top of the screen to see events on that day.
Also, the events are filtered sometimes by the camera you chose depending on how you navigate to get there.

Contact support@eufylife.com for additional help.

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Yes, I am very sure about the dates and selected several. Also there are no filters selected.

In the meantime I got various error messages from the Homebase (e.g. the storage must be formatted immediately, etc.) with no effect - no matter what I do.

Unfortunately, I think that the storage unit is broken. I hope that Eufy support will send me a replacement quickly. Have had the system now only two weeks (so far error-free) in use. :frowning:

Hi Tom,i have same problem,you try reset homebase2 with pin…