Homebase 2 power consumption

I just dumped my BLINK cameras and moved on to Eufy 2C. Since I’m planning on installing a Homebase 2 in my camper, can anyone tell me the power consumption? I found nothing in the specs. The power plug shows 12V and 2A, but 24W seems way too much.

Someone will have to run a meter, like killawatt on Homebase to find the Wh / period for you.

The power quoted is maximum to handle peaks, if you’re running off camper you are more interested in average.

Consumption will be a function of usage style, more triggers will wake up more often.

I don’t own one so can’t answer.

Have just made a backup supply for mine and the power consumption is around 1.7w (150mA for the unit itself). This does not take into account any devices being charged which is where the big consumption will come from.