Home Screen Icons for Plex - Disney+

Hi, I’m new here but have migrated from a Nebula Capsule to a Mars 2 Pro,

I took advantage of Amazon Prime day great price and scooped up a Mars 2 pro, So I’m moving from Android TV to native Android and the Mars Android Launcher.

My question is there Icon packs or similar to enhance the home screen? By that I mean I’ve installed Plex and Disney+ but their icons are not like the built-in Netflix and youtube icons large icons, It’s not important as you only see the home screen for a few minutes before you load the actual app, but I would like to make the home screen nice if I can…

Is there a better Launcher with more nice icons for the majority of Media apps, Netflix, youtube, disney+, Plex, VLC, Twitch etc… or is there a way to add better icons to the current launcher?

I hope all that makes sense :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance.


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@PixelatedDad Currently there are no options on customizing the icons.

For the launcher, you may check on options available in the Built-in App Store on Mars 2 Pro. Also check with Nebula Support to get the Google Play store access enabled for more launcher options (you will need to contact support and get the code to unlock the Google Play Store), note that the Nebula Projectors are built with the specific launcher, and any changes in the launcher might actually or possibly make it unusable, not too sure, since I never tried (might plan to in future).

Other option is, you may also try to side load using the .APK for a specific launcher ( i wouldn’t recommend it though)

Reach out to Nebula Support support@seenbula.com for the responses, and do not try to install without specific “OK” response from support, for warranty reasons.

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