Home noise cancellation speakers

Eufy, with 2020/1 being a year where people will be working from home, please make a home noise cancellation system.

People will be trying to hold work calls with the kids or dogs at home and want the background noise of other than their voice not picked up.

Make it so you place a few microphones in the corners of the room facing external noises you want blocked and that sound is removed.

Consider also/instead those microphones placed near noises to be removed to then not necessarily in the room cancel the noise but have those sounds not transmitted through a speakerphone near you.

I searched and found similar to my idea, example:




Great topic and points!!

Simple and Best options out there today, which I am using Today and getting awesome experience working from home

  1. Use Noise Cancelling Headsets with ANC – I use some from Non-Anker / Non- Soundcore and more recently the Soundcore Life Q10 & Strike 3 (prefer Strike 3 over any other ones though not with ANC but isolate noise)

  2. Use a White Noise machine or play from PC / Smartphone to speakers :slight_smile:

  3. Soundproof your work area - great curtains, soundproof your windows, thick rugs for the room

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So I have used all of those in the past. I did a sustained work-from-home for a 13 year period and built a room which blocked outside noise, but that obviously non-portable.

I have noise cancelling Bose QC35 which you can use as your speaker+mic for work calls but they don’t remove the sound other than from between the speakers (so only your voice gets transmitted). Also its uncomfortable to keep these on for hours. There are algorithms which filter frequencies outside of voice range. But there is not a portable system which blocks noise other than the 1 sound you want.

So I was wondering if a portable not-on-head option could be made?

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If economically viable, a person is really intending to work remotely / work from home, they would need to have his work area well built with all the noise cancellations incorporated into room design - I am telling this from seeing my brother having done this to his work area - Door, Windows, Ceiling, Floor, Curtains, rugs – all Noise cancelling material and design …

On the other side, I have used the steps mentioned above, and pretty happy & content, while not on the call, I play white noise or simply soothing songs on the Soundcore Speakers (Nano, Flare Mini, Rave Mini, Icon Mini… )

Though its a great concept, The Noise Cancellation speaker kind of products are a bit tough to visualize and tough for users to understand the concept than explaining a headset with ANC, marketing this will be the toughest challenge, but not impossible.

According to this, my idea is impossible.

It will get done…

Eventually :rofl:

I was just on a conference call the other day where our vendor‘s 3 dogs all started barking at once! I don’t think any speaker could have drowned that out! :rofl:


Modern conference solutions such as Webex automatically detect this as background noise and prompt user to go on mute. Also, heard they are implementing AI based filters to completely remove the noise … Yet to see it though interesting.

We suffer from that when bringing in home workers.
Even more fun when video conferencing :grinning:

You’re describing removing of noises which are not the human’s speaking voice.

There are other things you can do similar to how humans filter noise, place two microphones equidistant from the mouth and the sound which comes from other than at that central place are ignored.