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Is it normal to lose all recorded history every 24 hours?

While sitting in my truck waiting for my wife, I opened app to view Video doorbell camera and music begin playing inside my truck while Eufy app was open. Closed app and music stopped. Open app, begin streaming video doorbell, again, music begin to play. I killed iPod (iPhone) reopen Eufy app, streamed video doorbell no music this time. Opened iPod, went back and opened Eufy app begin streaming video doorbell and music begin playing inside my truck. So had this occurred with anyone else.

At this very hour, again, sitting in my truck at Dr. office waiting on my wife listening to music. And, notification alerts someone at front door. I open app to see who’s there, music momentarily stops, as app opens and video begin streaming I see maintenance in hallway. Music from iPhone Pro Max begins playing but this time I notice maintenance personal quickly looked directly into video doorbell. Apparently iPod is playing music through video doorbell speaker. I only notice these occurrences when I am sitting in my pickup truck. My iPod is linked to my truck radio. Could this be a glitch?

Understand, I now can make this happen every time without fail.

Sounds more like a bug

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So, I am home, pick up truck is parked and turned off. Viewing wireless (hard-wired-18.5) transformer; video doorbell; no music begin playing. Started pickup truck and music begin playing through Eufy app. Turned truck off, music still played until I killed iPod app. Swiped away all apps. First app, Eufy, no music. Second iPod; went back to Eufy app too video doorbell again no music until I started up my truck.

Something is seriously wrong in code. My main concern is a hacker using this as means to back-door hacking into systems. What’s the relations between my pickup truck, Eufy app and iPod: WiFi!

Why I say, because after disconnecting my iPhone from my pickup truck’s WiFi I couldn’t get iPod to play music through Eufy app. It’s a WiFi bug… at least WiFi is associated with these occurrences.

Contact support and let them know the issue you are having

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