Holiday travel plans

As we approach the Christmas season many families will make a trip from one house to another, whether it be a mile or thousands if Mike’s between homes. We travel to see family and friends, or just to get away for a vacation. What is everyone’s plans for this holiday season?

Me and my wife are currently in Virginia for the weekend, this is our mini getaway and our first real time away from everything since we got married 6 years ago. One could say this is our honeymoon, but alas it’s just for the weekend… Work and all you know.
For Christmas we will be spending time at our home, were not gonna travel after this weekend until the new year. This will be our first Christmas in North Carolina so I look forward to it. Just relaxing at home with my wife and son.

For those who will be traveling, please be safe and let us know how things go.


I might travel to the local store, but otherwise I’ll be sleeping off a very big dinner, and of course chocs n the morning ubiquitous bacon butty … Mmmm :bacon: :bacon:

Safe travels. I’ll be staying in southern California for the holidays, and probably won’t even leave San Diego County.

Have a nice trip!

Uh, woke up to this

Hopefully it stops soon

Christmas will be at home in North Carolina but right now I am on a pre Christmas break in Hawaii… Aloha my friends :pray:

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What part if North Carolina? Half the state is under snow right now

Kids are away to their dads over Xmas. So most of the holiday travelling will be bringing them there and picking them up. Other than that it will be travelling to her mums for Xmas dinner - that broken oven got us outta cooking this year lol

@elmo41683 I am in Charlotte. I heard it snowed a lot and I am SOOO glad I missed it :grin:
Stay warm and safe buddy.

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I think we’re gonna visit Armenia this year, the kids gonna be really excited by the local ski resort and I’d really like to take some photos of the local monasteries: Winter resorts are not a common choice nowadays, but we want to experience something really unique on these holidays :slight_smile:

Luckily, most of my family is fairly local, so I’ll be driving from one family to the next to the next!

I moved 250 miles away from home when I was 18 for uni, ended up meeting someone and staying here, but after my parents retired and their parents (my grandparents passed on) they moved down about 4/5 years ago so we’ll be staying put and hosting them for a couple of days. My brother and his family are in Bristol (120 miles away) and will be coming down to stay for New Year (aka my daughters birthday!) so double celebration! My eldest will be 12 on New Year’s Day!!