HKSV away mode not kicking in

I’m very happy with the added HKSV support. It fulfills what I want to use the system for. I use several eufycam 2c and they work great in general.

However, I don’t get the away mode to work. I have set home mode to off and away to stream and record. But when the HomeKit enables devices are away from home, I still can’t access the cameras.

Neither of the phones are sharing location information but it works with hue for instance. I have other devices, like iPads and MacBooks but they wouldn’t need to be away as well, right?

Any idea how to fix geofencing? I think it has to do something with that.

Thanks for a great product!

I have done some more research into this and it might be that my Asus router is having trouble with away mode. I use a RT-AX92U with latest firmware so I guess nothing more to do here.

Is this maybe something that can be fixed with a firmware on the camera/base station itself?

The geofencing feature has nothing to do with Eufy on HomeKit! Apples HomeKit is the only thing that makes it work you need your Apple TV, HomePod, to act as a hub so there maybe something going on with that! If you have multiple apple devices that are used as a hub I would suggest shutting off and only use 1 or 2 .

I have two Apple TV’s, one active and one in standby. It works with my Hue system, so it doesn’t seem to be a general problem.

It’s just that the cameras never leave the “at home” mode.

That’s why I thought it might have something to do with my Eufy system itself…

I have 4 Apple TV’s , 2 homepods! I turned off all Apple TV’s and used just HomePods because on them you can not turn it off. I had the same issues that you have and it worked for me. I hope you can get a better answer :v:t2: