Hide DOB on profile

Hi just noticed that my DOB is visible on both this & the eufy forums but I can’t see a way to remove it or hide it on either forum or the app

Anyone know how to do it?
@AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport


Hi @Haloweenhamster i checked your profile, and could not see your DoB. This was hidden sometime ago by Anker Team.

Additionally you can try to hide the profile, this hides all details on your profile.

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Cheers, I saw it & thought it was visible & couldn’t find any options / settings for it

Also only just found out about bucks/notes

Glad, all worked out, have a good day!

@Shenoy is correct; birthday and email are hidden on your public profile. If you would like to verify, you can open a new “private” browsing window and visit your profile link:


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I can’t see your DoB.


Also, you should never put real DoB in anywhere non-essential anyway, Anker could get compromised one day.

Cheers tbh I can’t even remember putting it in & was surprised to see it