Hey guys whatsup my charger won’t charge my iPhone se 2020

Hey guys whatsup my iPhone won’t charge my iPhone se 2020 right now any idea why it’s charging and what not but it won’t charge anything that I plug into it and it doesn’t read that anything has been plugged into it either and I’ve blown the area out where it needs to get charged from and i also have attempted to reset it and no luck so far :confused: any suggestions I don’t have a receipt for it either:/

So your phone won’t charge? Have you tried different cables?

More than likely it is a cable issue. Is the cable you are using an older manufacturer cable, or is it an Anker brand cable? My wife had a similar issue with her iPhone using an older generation Anker cable in her vehicle, but as soon as we swapped it out, it worked fine. Is it charging any other lighting capable devices at all, as well as try to plug it into a USB (assuming it is USB-A to lightning connection) and see if it is working that way as it may be the power block causing an issue.

Have you tried different cables?

Any updates? Did it finally work?

USB-C and Lightning look similar? The ports look similar but the cables don’t. You know the difference?


If your charger isn’t plugging in all the way into the lighting port there could be lint and dust in it you can easily clean this out with a toothpick or tweezers just be sure not to bump the charging pins

Another problem could be the cable try using different cables if it’s charging another device but it’s not charging yours then it’s a charging port problem

Also make sure to keep using the same working wall charger