Hey Fellow Canadians!

Hey guys!

I’ve always been curious as to how many of us are on this program. I’ve been on the Power User program for over a year now. Come on in and introduce yourself, and mention what your favourite product that you tested so far.

wow @IRNinjaz , I guess there are just two of us…I Just joined last week
I have only tested what I have paid full price for, nothing exciting just some cables and a couple wall chargers. I guess the power port 2…it is excellent

hahaha I know there are more. I think they’re just shy.

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Hey fellas, I’m a power user as well but have not had a chance to review for anker. I have reviewed items that I have purchased off Amazon that’s it. I’m still waiting to get my hands on some samples to try out. I’ve bought their sport Bluetooth ear buds. They are pretty good. Got my gf and brother a pair.