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Hey eufy fans,

Got carried away while shopping or indulged in a few too many meals out this month? Believe us, we understand! We could all do with a little extra cash and eufy may just have the answer! Learn how insightful review videos can help you to earn more money each month through the eufy referral event.

Since the launch of the eufy referral event, countless eufyCam users have successfully joined the program, and are earning extra cash each month.

To give you a little insight into how to how this can be done, we spoke to top referrer Matt Ferrell.

Matt runs his own tech-review channel on YouTube called Undecided, where he tests out new smart home devices. He never imagined that his first eufycam E video would help him earn over $5000 through the eufy referral program.

His video has amassed over 144,955 views, and over 50 people have been influenced to purchase a eufyCam as a direct result within 2 months.

Now, of course, we realize not all of you will have the same success as Matt given the platform he has built. However, he kindly agreed to share some tips with us for how to make interesting content that will increase your referral success rate.

He had the following tips:

  1. Be honest and truthful with your opinion on a product (good and bad). If you aren’t truthful with your opinion when sharing, viewers will pick up on that immediately.

  2. Know your audience and highlight aspects of the product that will speak to them. My audience cares a lot about privacy and controlling their data, so I focused in on eufy’s approach to no subscription fees, locally hosted data, and privacy.

  3. Let them know who the product is for. It’s related to my last point. Not everyone is going to be a good fit for the product, so make it clear who might want it. It’ll help viewers and friends know if they’re the target audience or not.

  4. Show, don’t tell. If you’re making a video, like I do, then show what it’s like to use the app, set it up, and samples of the recordings and your experiences. The cliche, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is very true.

We are very grateful to Matt for sharing his insights and we hope that for those of you that enjoy creating review videos this will be of great use. Create content that will inspire viewers and that will drive up your referral rate.

Please find the details of each referral program below -

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eufy team


Step 1 - Have almost 100k subs on YouTube
Step 2 - ???
Step 3 - Profit

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I checked our referral data and found that you have referred 2 friends to purchase eufy doorbell last week! You can get $60 in return from eufy to thanks your recommendation.:beers::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I need to do a review on these, send me one so I can review and make some money

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Don’t use non-licensed content in the video to proceed to step 3 :wink:

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Ja, VERY dangerous!
Same with photos.
Could cost a fortune and is causing a lot of trouble.

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It’s hard to get referrals when you have such a small following on social media and don’t use YouTube.

I’m determined to get a referral one of these days! :joy:


I agree, but can’t deny that good content can always inspire viewers and that will drive up your referral rate.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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No social media, no followers.
The only one who “follows” me daily is my beloved wife! :joy::joy::joy:

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Franz, I thought you were going to say that the only one that follows you is your beloved Willie :rofl::rofl:


Willy is a honest slave, but my wive is “truly” beloved! :joy:

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I just wish I got the referral income and my friend the accessories they thought they would get… No joy and was told you were a customer focused company. We emailed but no reply either

I mean… you just can’t get caught lol

Would love to refer these products but dont own them so I can’t recommend them. I can only mention if someone needs a security camera system.

Any chance for another give away or testing run on the camera systems @AnkerOfficial :smile:p

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Great to have some extra money, but limited social presence = no referral


@Ice1 I even ran a free advert that Facebook gave me, it reached thousands of people in the U.K. and 36 of them clicked on my link, but no buyers sadly.

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@AnkerOfficial I appreciate the referral program, but it would be nice if the referral system you use was a bit more advanced. All the other’s i use I get notified within 24 hours (usually almost instantly) and they provide custom pretty links that aren’t super long along with stats like link clicks.


I follow you on here!

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Lol there’s no end to the innuendos for @Chiquinho willy :joy::joy: