Help with ROAV dash cam software

Does anyone know how to download and/or update the software on the ROAV dash cam C1? i was given a replacement due to the swelling of the battery and the replacement came with v7.9 (previous was v7.6) and the quality in video is horrible and overly sharpened. I was emailed v8.0 to fix but unable to download the file to my macbook pro and shows up nothing in the file OR i’m not doing it right. has anyone had success and able to help with steps?

thanks all.

Download the App.
Connect App to C1.
Download the firmware to PC and copy over to memory card.
Insert memory card into C1 and restart C1.
C1 should find the firmware automatically and prompt you if you want to update.


i figured it was harder than that. i will try it when I get home. thank you.

just tried. says no updates available.

nevermind. it updated on it’s own once i entered the SD card back into the dash cam BUT i needed to unzip the file in which it wasn’t doing on my macbook pro.

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Is the picture any better?

did a quick test last night around the block and it didn’t look any better. not sure if this issue can be fixed via software or not. the previous camera was very clear. this one seems to over sharpen. it’s very bad. i’ll check again during lunch with some sunlight and report back. if not hopefully they can swap it out (again).

Contact Anker. Be sure to include video sample.

I did. they said the video in the newer versions of the C1 are sharpened to capture more details. it seems to not capture more detail and only make the quality horrible. I’ll email them again.

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