help with power core 26800

I have a problem with my Anker power core 26800. I used my device without problems for years, but since my brother told me about the charging routine mentioned in the starting guide , I unloaded the device up to the lobster bar, and when I tried to recharge the device, the device started to act strangely, blinking with one light rhythmically. What can I do, I read something about the reset routine in another thread, plugging a micro USB cable simultaneously into one USB port and another micro USB port, effectively shortcutting the device, but I couldn’t remark a change in behavior, all of the lights went out and the behavior didn’t change at all.

Thank you for all your efforts,
Jan Emanuel

Do the obvious things first.

Try different cable.
Try different charger.

I’d say this looks like the battery had aged and the full discharge just pushed it over the edge, it was about to fail soon anyway.

Batteries die from use, non-use, heat, cold. A full discharge makes heat and uses it, so brings forward death a fraction. Typically for this type of Powercore which has 6 18650 cells, one of them has aged and is resistant to charging. If your cable happens to be also bad at same time it wouldn’t be getting the voltage required. Hence check different cables and then chargers before anything else.

If you’re in warranty then good, otherwise…

Thank you for your answer! ( I meant at one point last bar and not lobster)

Unforeseen (for me) change of events here (praise the Lord, I’m Roman catholic): my brother told me that the blinking of the light was absolutely no indication for an error (I was like: yeah sure brother, you suspect your conclusions and I dedicate mine) and, when he plugged the device to a 5 volts/1 Ampere power source (a mains plug) it gave an additional bar once it was plugged in for one hour.

Yes the one flashing light means recharging but it shouldn’t be there for too long, hence why thinking you need to feed it more power through new cable or charger.

You need to feed it more power to recharge faster. What product exactly? Product code in small letters on the unit, larger on original packaging, or link to what you ordered.

There are many 26800, one of them is the dual input one.

5V 1A will take ages, possibly as long 20 hours?

I’d recommend to use another another charger to recharge your Powercore JUST so it charges faster :+1:

Good news, everyone! It looks like I began to doubt the situation once I saw the device doing things it never did. (blinking with one light – indicating a state, I never read about – correct me if I’m wrong, but this behavior was described nowhere) . However, I was patient and my brother plugged it to a power plug adapter I once bought on eBay – equipped with 2 USB ports each serving 1A/5V. And after connecting, being patient for a day and a night, the device was among the living again :smile:. Great stuff!

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Glad it came back from the dead

Good it’s working.

Consider more Wattage, two 5V 2A ports will recharge faster than two 5V 1A if you have this version

I have this and it’s still works after a long time