Help with detection

Hi if you can help as I am so over this so called security I have the eufy 2c, purchased extra cameras and have them facing my driveway and a further two along my front veranda and one at my front door I have increased /decreased done everything I can think of but the stupid cameras don’t pick up when a delivery person enters within meters of a camera. Are these useless devices or am I missing something?

Read the whole thing but this is the most salient part

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I have similar one and I have some obstructions (banisters) and it still picks up the delivery persons. Have you made changes to the activity zone under motion detection as well as the detection sensitivity.

I also changed changes to detection type to all motion. I find that at certain times of the day there is a little shade and feel that it may be harder to detect depending on the contrast between the driver and the shaded area.

I agree about

As there are more folks that may have similar issues as this one.