Help with Anker SoundCore

I just bought an Anker SoundCore, product number A3102, and I like it. However when it isn’t playing sound for more that a couple of seconds the speaker seems to go to sleep for lack of a better term. It remains on but when audio resumes it takes a couple of seconds to start playing audio again. An example would be if I’m playing a song and then pause it for a few seconds, when I resume the song the speaker will remain quiet for a couple of seconds after it has resumed. I assume this is a battery saving feature but it is quite annoying. Is there any way to disable it?

What device the speaker is connected to?
Do you get the same problem when connecting to another device?
Have you tried to do a reset of the speaker already?
More informations are needed please. :smiley:

I had my phone connected via Bluetooth as well as auxiliary and it happened in both instances. I have tried powering off and then back on but the problem persists.

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Nest step would be a reset of the speaker.
I dont own that model, but there are others for sure to tell you how to do.
if not contact the support.

Have you tried a fresh pairing for the speaker?

Also does it always happen when roughly on the same volume level? Had similar issues with a past Soundcore speaker and it only happened during low level volumes…like you said almost like a delay or the speaker trying to establish a connection again to the audio stream…