HELP | Which speaker is more suitable for a girl?

I really want to buy a bluetooth speaker.

The problem is, I have three options in mind.

SoundCore mini

SoundCore Sport

SoundCore nano

I really like the pink ones, but can be a bit hesitated.
I wonder whether the cute ones can work well.

Should I spend more money on a speaker?

I spend like 1 or 2 hours listening to music everyday using earphones from Apple.
Now I wanted to try a speaker.
I want it to have good audio quality.

Can someone help?
To tell me difference from different speakers at the price of 20 to 100?

Can these two cute speakers also be of good quality?
And should I abandon the thought of buying a really cute speaker?

All looks great,I prefer Soundcore nano,caz I have saw one before,really beautiful:smirk:


I personally use the soundcore nano on a daily basis. Mainly for podcast and some music here and there. The Soundcore nano in my experience is a great option and portable. The battery life is pretty good too averaging me about 12 hours of playtime total before needing a recharge, but that will vary depending on the sound level. Speaking of sound level it has some “lungs” on it despite its small size. I say try the Nano and you will surely be impressed given its tiny footprint. :grin:

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Did you mean the SoundCore Mini? The Nano only gets about 4 hours of battery life. :wink:

I have the nano in silver. I listen low volume maybe thats why? Literally around two bars of volume on an iPhone. When it is way more than that it will last around 2-3 hours then. Atleast that has been my experience.

Ah, maybe the low volume is it! Good to know, thanks!

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Depends on your preference, water proofing, loudness, battery life or even the available colours :slight_smile:

I have both the SoundCore Mini and the nano, both give good battery life and volume. If you are wanting mainly loudness though, such as for a small room, I would go for Mini. Personal use, where the speaker is gonna be within a few feet/metres of you, the nano would be my preference.


I listen to high volume mostly, :sweat_smile:

I listen to female singer most of the time

But maybe that doesn’t have any influence on my choice.


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I would say, I expect most in sound quality, then maybe battery life

I would mostly use it in my room, so loudness and water proofing aren’t my consideration

Just wanted to have some alone time at home after work listening to music

Thx :yum:

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Then the Nano would suit you best if you want it for indoors mainly. Be advised it does not have dedicated controls on the body itself though. So you would use whatever device you have to control volume and pausing/ skips instead.

OK, Thank you so much :blush:

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