[help] soundcore life P2. Interesting issue

Beforehand I want to mention that I have tried charging both the case and earbuds before now along with a couple dozen resets in an attempt to fix this issue. There is no physical damage or exposure to water and this issue started very suddenly while in use.

My right earbud refuses to turn on and my left refuses to attempt to pair. My right earbud shows it is charging and when this happened it was at 50% battery. A loud noise cut off my music and then the device powered off. I turned it back on and had to re-pair the device. It worked again until 5 minutes later the same thing happens. After I reset the device a second time the led indicator on my right earbud stopped turning on. Unless it was charging. My left turns on but does not attempt to pair on its own. Both earbuds charge as normal. Is it possible to fix this issue?

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Interesting issue for sure and the first time I’ve seen something like this. In your case, because it is so unique and unusual, I would recommend you email Soundcore at service@soundcore.com and let them know. If your earbuds are under warranty, they replace your unit with a newer pair of earbuds


I can strongly agree with the previous comment. I contacted Anker Support with a similar issue and they were very cooperative.

Unfortunately, I lost my battery case for my earbuds during my holidays and can’t charge my P2s anymore. If you feel like selling your charging case, I would be more than interested. Anker does not sell single battery cases :frowning:

Best of luck to you!

There are talks of Anker/Soundcore selling battery cases but there are no updates from what I know. So if you have a secondary pair of earbuds to use until then, maybe wait it out and see. If not, you can try to get a battery case from someone or sell your earbuds to anyone who lost one earbud.

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