HELP! Roav Viva Android app suddenly cannot connect!

I’ve been using my Viva for months without a single hiccup, but yesterday forgot my Android phone and used my company iPhone instead. It also worked fine.

Now today my Android phone won’t connect at all. I’ve unplugged and plugged ii the Viva, Toggled Bluetooth off & on, Closed the app and restarted it. Forgot the Roav bluetooth and re-paired it. Uninstalled, cleared the settings, and reinstalled the app. And done all of the above in every conceivable combination. The Viva is paired on bluetooth. It just won’t connect now.

Is there a way to factory reset the Viva or some hidden trick to get it to work again?

Thanks for any guidance!

Is your company iPhone still in range of the Viva (and therefore still connected)? Also when you re-paired, did you do this through the app or your BT menu?

Hi @Mark_Jessen

Sorry to hear your issue, but please be assured we will stand behind our product, please contact, our representatives will help you as soon as possible.