Help re soundcore liberty air 2 on surface pro 7

Hi everyone need your help. I have a Surface Pro 7 on Windows 10 64 bit. I’ve been using my Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Bluetooth headset with it. Here’s the scenario

  • successfully paired to my Surface
  • OUTPUT device is selected as Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Stereo (this is correct)
  • however, the only available INPUT device is the Soundcore Liberty Air Hands free AG audio (aside from the Surface default mic which is Realtek), and not the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 stereo. This is definitely not right.

Because of this my microphone voice quality is very very bad when I try to use my Bluetooth headset microphone. I’ve been reading and it’s clear that there should also be an option for Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Stereo on the INPUT device selection. However I really cannot get it to appear.