Help please!! Canot see any of my past recordings

I have a lot of video recordings, however they all just disappeared suddenly. I was not connected to home wifi. Tried to check the old events. The count just became zero. Connected back to home wifi. Still it’s zero on the camera. Tried restarting Homebase and phone all. No luck so far.
However when I check the Video storage under Homebase, it says it has 14GB worth of clips.

Can you please help me to find them? Thanks!

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Hi @Indika,

We may need a bit more information to locate the issue. Please tell us which mode your camera is, and which version your eufy app is.

Thank you for your understanding. :blush:

Same here, all is gone and the new gets deleted after a few hours. Have never happened before.

Have filled my SD to 14,7 GB, 1,.2 GB left.

Can’t find any old recordings. Checked a few this morning that now all of a sudden is gone.

I have been dealing with Eufy support for closer to one week now. No solution yet.

Had a nice convo with the Eufy chat consultants, and they confirmed my Homebase is faulty and they would send me a replacement if I’m in USA. Unfortunately I’m in Australia. And I was asked to email the Eufy support here. And they are only replying to my email after 2-3 days, and everytime ask for some new information. I’m so frustrated.

When I format the card, everything is working for about a day. And then breaks. I even tried with a new SD card. :frowning: