HELP NEEDED Testing Conference Unit

Hey guys.
I’m working dates with @onstar to have a call over the PowerConf.
I’ve added 100 mins of international calling to my account so if anyone else wants to have a brief chat, and happy for it to be recorded, so I can try the conference unit please PM a suitable contact number and your time zone so we can arrange a call.


Interesting thing for the review @paulstevenewing :+1:


Great idea. A good way to get to know everyone :slight_smile:

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Hey @ndalby @Element321
That’s what I thought, it would be great to speak to a few regulars here and great to get others involved in the testing.
@onstar stepped up immediately and we are working on setting a convenient time.
It would be great if more want to get involved.

I could schedule a Zoom meeting.
People can use a web interface or the app to join in for audio and video.
People can also dial in from the US or UK to join in for audio.

Let me know what you think.

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Sound like a good thing to get a few of us on the same call.
Let’s see how much response we get.

I am in San Francisco, Bay Area - may be a time in the afternoon. and PM me the Conference detail (I have WebEx in case you guys are interested, we could use my bridge)

That is a very good idea!

Don’t have to record all of it, just a respresentative period to hear the audio across a few units.

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Good idea for a test!

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Hahahaha, That’s very interesting idea!!! Powerconf connect every one!

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Nice approach to test the Powerconf and get to know fellow members…
When you set up the meeting (Zoom/WebEx/…) can you send the links to few regulars here… they may find the time convenient and may join in?
Can we create a group PM? I don’t know sharing the link in here may be a good idea?

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Great idea Paul!
I will take part, but only in a “spiritual manne”!
“Old chiquinho” will keep his powerful " protecting hand" over your test!! :wink:


Hey @Ice1
That’s great, and yes, a PM can be sent to multiple, not sure if a reply goes to all.

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It should, and give it a try… with active members here and other testers that you know of
If someone can find time they will join, doesn’t hurt and don’t waste your international minutes :wink:

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I don’t normally make international calls, well, not from my own phone :wink:
I added a 100 minute bundle, but making a bigger/proper conference would be a great way for more of us to talk - maybe a few of the other PowerConf winners would participate for a larger group test.

FYI everyone can phone a USA number for free via Google Hangouts. Part of Google Voice which was Grand Central.

I had services from Grand Central (was a pain for transition to Google voice) and then using Google Voice since 2009 :wink:

Got couple of awesome numbers based on my name :smiley:

To be completely honest -

Anker PowerConf works with ANYTHING, be it a Skype call, Hangouts Call, WebEx, Zoom, Boom… and whatever, it is paired with PC/Mac/Smartphone for Voice Calls…

I feel the inclusion of the specific section for all conference application was more of a Marketing idea than anything.

Yes, it does work well… may be works great, has omnidirectional microphones, great designbut still, it is a Conference station which pairs via Bluetooth or USB-C (USB-C connection is awesome, since does not need any drivers for install)

Apart from it, I would have really loved it to have the Multi-Point, which is a topic, I would really like all the testers to test and highlight and been a main point of discussion for PowerConf, till now on Anker Community.

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Indeed, i added bundle to the mobile as its the easiest way for me to potentially speak to others from here in different time zones.
I’ve always got my personal mobile but don’t always want to spark up my works laptop with my hosted UC app at home out of hours.
Fell into that trap a few years ago and spent too much time out of hours doing work - not anymore! :smiley: