Help Needed! Anker markerting not responding to emails!

Hey guys!
Ive been trying to reach Anker through their marketing email address for 3-4 months now. Ive emailed them multiple times about an issue i was having for reviewing a “Testing Club” item i was sent and also for an item i had won from a giveaway that I never received. I’ve emailed them maybe 5-6 times and still havent got a response. Im checking the contact page on here and that email is still up as active. Are any of you having similar issues? Any advice is appreciated!

Thank you

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First and foremost – if it was through Tedting Club on Anker Community, you should reach to @AnkerOfficial as. Private Message on Community.

Second, emails are sent to registered email which need to be responded within stipulates time, usually 3-5 days, else you forfeit the opportunity or need to reach out to @AnkerOfficial

Trying sending a Private message to @Ankerofficial Also you may send email to

Also what was the item for testing? This may already have been over :worried:

Was it Beta testing or Testing on this Community?

Thank you for your reply!

It was a Testing on this community for the PowerStrip 2. I had emailed them when it still wasn’t over months ago several times to

They also had a huge tech giveaway maybe 2 months ago which I had won a PD wall plug and still havent recievied it :confused:

I would always reach out to them at and would always get a reply latest within 2 days! Thats why im a bit upset as to what im doing wrong that im not getting a reply

Trying sending a Private message to @Ankerofficial from this community


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I still.see your name in there… so try contacting @AnkerOfficial soon to see if this testing opportunity still exists :thinking:

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Perfect! I didnt know how to contact them privately on here. Thank you for your help
Ill contact them and let you know how it goes :grinning:

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Best of luck :+1:t2::v:t2: