Help me WITH PD10000

I need help with how to use a pd10000 to charge up. The instructions are not very clear. How do I charge the unit? Will a USBC plugged into an outlet do it or so I have to use the USB socket?
What is the USB socket for? ??



Hi @oddpotter and welcome to the community. The USB-C port is bi-directional so you can charge the PowerCore 10000 PD via the port but also use the port for outputting charge to a device. The USB type A (standard USB) port is for output charge only.

You will need a wall charger that outputs up to 5V / 3A max to make use of quicker recharge times for the unit itself.

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Agree with what ndalby wrote above. Here are some choices for 18W or higher USB-C wall chargers by Anker: