Help me to solve the problem with email

Hello everyone
I used to get an email from time to time about when you plan to add sample items. Do you still you do that and has anyone else received any of these types of email?

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I get NO ANKER emails on any subject.

I have set up NOTIFICATIONS but don’t get any.

I was told last time I asked, “you need to just check back regularly”.

So, I suppose that’s all we do now!

Email regarding samples or emails regarding discounts? I only ask as your account is not a power user account, so samples as kinda off limits unless you are contacted directly by Anker for testing…

As for emails though, some members regularly get discount emails for others it is often hit and miss. Your best checking in on the community pages to benefit from the known and upcoming discounts :smile:

I used to get emails with discounts and new products. Now I don’t

I don’t get any emails from ANKER.

@Isaac_Schloss @fhassm I had the same problem awhile ago. Just email to tell them that you haven’t been receiving discount emails and they will check it out for you. I did this and now, I am receiving emails from them again.


I get no emails from anker it’s other companies even though I’ve signed up to receive their updates and subscriber list.

Just sent an email.

Hi all,

Thanks for letting me know this issue. We will fix your subscribe function right away. If there are other members have the same problems, please let me know.:grin:

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+1 here, most of the time anyhow :slight_smile:

Me too :grin:

You guys can visit website and go to your personal profile to reset your email preference:

Hope this can help you!:grin:


Thanks, will give it another go, what with the change’s and such for the website it might kick back to life :thumbsup:

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Thank you Rosa :blush:

I’m on here a lot, but an.rmail prompt would be nice and I have (as far as I know) clicked to get updates etc

I’ve set that already but don’t get any emails.

I have said that before.

I’ve never had any problems getting Anker’s emails the last one i got today was about the new guessing game competition.

No worries, I will check for you and make it right.

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