Help Me Decide! | PowerDrive Picture Poll

Life is full of choices, and I choose…to start a poll and hear your opinions!

The thing is, our creative team just asked me to choose which of these PowerDrive pictures we will use as a reference when we display our new Power Delivery car chargers. I was like, “wait, what?” These two look almost exactly the same, except they’re angled slightly differently.

Hmm, could it be that each angle emphasizes a different aspect of the product: the Anker logo, or the technology? I’m really stumped, so I need you guys to help me out.

  • Picture on the left
  • Picture on the right

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Cast your vote in the poll and tell me your reasoning in the comments below. Thanks, fans!



Voted for the one on the right, better visual of the item detailing (texture etc) and the branding…

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Right, slightly easily to see it

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If the color were crucial, I would choose the left, but the product looks just more appealing on the right :innocent:

Defo the right. The branding, the pattern detail and image itself is visually better.

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Discounting the colour around them, the right picture has more of an impact I think. Easier to read Anker on the side and the lighting coming from the top highlights the ports, carbon effect surround and the branding all at the same time.
The lighting on the left picture only really highlights the carbon effect.

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My Mrs who is very arty n crafty, says,… The image on the right stands out. The red surround jumps out, the angle and the clearer logo, makes it a better image.

I actually picked the one on the left, because it helped me better visualize how it would look pushed into my car’s cigarette lighter.

The right one captur better the attention :wink:

The color red is more tentative so your eyes are naturally drawn to it. Either picture would work with the red background, but I chose the right in because it details more of the charger. It shows both charging tans and the button on the bottom, highlights the “Anker” name and shows the carbon fiber texture much better than the one on the left

Although the red makes the picture on the right stand out more, the labeling and overall unit design is more appealing and easier to identify features to me in the picture on the left.

I like the Right one even though they both look the same

right, definitely :heart_eyes:

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I chose the LEFT because it has Anker in the color splash and I always associate blue with Anker. The one on the right would lead me to believe it was a fake.

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I went left as I liked seeing the blue inside USB slots, and as previous mentioned easier to imagine it plugged into my car.

I don’t know if it’s my demo graphic, but the blue background is easier on the eyes and also is the color I’m used to associating with Anker products and packaging.

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Photo on the right. As a pro photographer myself & one that does some product photography, the right photo is a bit more dramatic and shows more detail on the texture of the rim of the car charger.


I picked the left one because I get a better view of the product plus red is more of an angry color. The blue one I could look at longer.

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I voted for the picture on the right. This is probably going to sound weird, but looking at each picture, my eyes naturally go from left to right, it’s a more natural feel for my eyes to move upward as opposed to down. Just a more natural feel.

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