Help finding gift for my father

So my dads birthday is just around the corner, next week to be exact. I need help finding a gift for him. I already gave him an Anker power bank with cable which he seemed to love. Now I’m not sure what would be a great gift for him. A Christmas gift idea would be great too since it’s just about a month away. Lol TIA

Something from here


Hi Elmo,
Thanks for the suggestions but my sister beat me to getting my dad a portable speaker. She got him a JBL extreme. As for headphones my dad really doesn’t use them. Now I was thinking of a soundbar for him but not too sure if it’s something he would like?!

If your sticking with Anker for the sound bar the infini is a good option

Without knowing your pops or what he needs/uses.

Desktop charger?

Eufy Smart Speaker

USB Cables

Car Charger?

As said below, Infini Soundbar

Roav Dashcam?

Eufy Scale?

Lots of good choices :smiley:

If he has to do cleaning works in the house a Robovac would be helpfull.:smiley:
You may share the costs with your sister.

If he is using the built-in TV speakers, he will LOVE a soundbar! Even a bad one would be an improvement over the TV’s own speakers.

If he doesn’t already have one, a streaming device (FireTV Stick, Roku) for the TV is also a nice gift.

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Thanks guys, my dad has a newer smart tv so it does include roku tv. I’m really leaning towards the sound bar for his bday gift but now I have to figure out what to get him for Xmas, lol

Ps. I love how all the reviews for the infiny sound bar are great. Can’t go wrong with something that has great reviews, right?

If you are thinking about a soundbar, take a look at the soundcore soundbar. I’ve read good things about it. Once my soundbar dies, I plan on replacing mine with one of these.

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