Help Decide the Future of Nebula!

Hey, Nebula Fans!

We’re working on a new projector and would love to hear from you. From the 3 concepts below, we’d like you to tell us which one is your favorite. Once the new projector launches we’ll be running a “We Love Testing” event, giving you a chance to test this brand-new projector—for free.

Vote: Which design do you prefer?

  • Concept A
  • Concept B
  • Concept C
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Concept A: A palm-sized elliptical-shaped projector. Features an aluminum unibody with touch controls on the top.

Concept B: A palm-sized cube-shaped projector. It comes with a transparent top control panel, letting users see how the device works.

Concept C: A palm-sized tower-shaped projector. It looks like the Tesseract from the Avengers and features a metal unibody, translucent touch panel, clear picture quality, and big sound. You can slide the cover to turn on the projector.


Will this be US only as well @AnkerOfficial?


I think C looks more premium. Maybe it’s the materials but I like that more.


If this is not for all, as usual the last tests,
why should we (the outlaws) participate? :angry:

Please enlighten us!

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I agree that C seems to have premium look to it. Fancy!


Was about to say the same with a modified quote of WeLoveTesting USA :grin:

Option B myself…perhaps I’ve been watching too many vids of JerryRig making things see through though :thinking:


@ndalby I was thinking the exact same thing about JerryRig! :joy:

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So we are starting to test beer!


This one is FREE for you my friends from “The Island” when showing up here in Munich:


A detailed “testing plan” is needed first! :joy:


I like the simplicity of Option A.

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Same I also like option A

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This is on the anker website. Is it the same projector you are talking about here?

I like option A best. I like how it is round. I almost always prefer something to be round, than be square and boxy

@Anjou1888 that looks like a different one

@Anjou1888 No that’s old news, this would be their third iteration and go at portable pico projector

@AnkerOfficial I like option “C” as it’s premium imo. Option b would be a close second. Option A looks like a more expensive version of the capsule we have now and it’s just too similar for me


C looks solid in my opinion. Not to say the other two designs are not good, but it looks a lot more sleek than the other two. Plus adding an Avengers reference makes it even more up my alley.

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I like option B, unique and nice :slight_smile:

Or we can just setup an exchange to be able to send some to people around the world from here and trade and try local beers from places that one would never visit. I live outside of Detroit, but close to about 10 breweries. If I head to the opposite side of the state, about a 2 hour drive, I can be in Beer City, USA, aka Grand Rapids Michigan. It has 80 breweries in the city and is one hell of a place to spend a weekend drinking in.

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I love option B - transparent top control panel!! How cool is that?!

As long as Thanos doesn’t break the 3rd one, I kinda like that haha

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