Help! A1211 phone charger not working

I have an Anker A1211 charger, but it only seems to work intermittently. It’s fully charged, but if I plug in my iPhone, it usually doesn’t seem to detect the charger being there (or is it vice versa that the IQ feature of the charger isn’t seeing my phone)? I can charge my phone via my computer or its normal charger with no problems, but the A1211 doesn’t work. When I press the test button, the LEDs light up in sequence (i.e., one lit, then two, then three, then four and then all go out…not sure if that’s some sort of error message as the instruction manual is pretty minimal. I assume it’s supposed to stay illuminated at one of the levels for a while to show the charge level.


Are you able to charge any other USB device without issue using the Anker A1211 and have you tried a restart of your iPhone, sound lame but sometimes this has resolved connection issue for mine in the past.

If you are still having issues and you have had the charger less than 18 months I would recommend contacting Anker support as they may be able to advise a solution and/or supply a replacement under warranty.

What Cable Are You using to charge your device?
If it does not work contact for warranty repair

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