Hello, City! | Share Your Story and WIN PowerCore II 6700!

No matter how much we may complain about our hometowns (or adopted hometowns!), we secretly love them. While we enjoy time spent on vacations or short trips, we always look forward to coming back home.

We often have a variety of vivid memories associated with the people and places in our city. We’ve grown accustomed to the food our city offers (and perhaps does better than any other place in the world). We know the people and culture, so we’re comfortable no matter where we go within our city limits. We know that whatever happens, as long as we can get home, everything will be alright.

As we grow older and wiser along with our city, our love for it grows. We want you to share your feelings about the city that you live in. Just follow the instructions below, and you can win PowerCore II 6700 to stay charged up no matter where in your city you go.

The Rules:

1.Leave a comment with the tag “#Hello, (city)#”.

(Example: #Hello, New York#. The city can be your hometown, or just your favorite city that you have lived in.)

2.Share a short story about your city (involving its people, famous sites, local events, special memories, etc.).

3.Upload a picture of (or from!) your city.

4.By submitting your comment, you will have a chance to win PowerCore II 6700.

5.Event runs from January 30th to February 1st, 2018.

6.The winners will be announced on the Anker Community before February 2nd, 2018.

7.Anker reserves the right of final explanation.

Winner Announcement:

Thank you for your kind waiting and participation! We delayed some days because of the new community development work. Now it’s time to announce the winner!

Let’s congratulate @doris4jin, London in your mouth is more beautiful than I have ever been!

Well done! I’ve got some awesome urban beauty in mind ! I know you will both have a lot of fun too!

Thanks, as always!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


#Hello, San Francisco#

City by the bay. Chillax

Friendly, open, welcoming, tolerant, exciting, interested.

We got surfing, boating, skiiing, biking, rollerblading. Oh and we do Tesla too. Home of Uber, AirBnB, Facebook, Google, Apple.

The world would be the lesser if not for San Francisco.


#Hello, Bridgeport, Connecticut#

My beloved hometown
It’s most famously known for P.T. Barnum and him starting Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Bridgeport is called park city, because it has over 1300 acres of public space.

Famously know for the port Jefferson ferry linking CT to long Island Sound, and helping to establish it’s ports for manufacturing in the heydays…long since gone is all the manufacturing plants but the ferry still remains

Bridgeport is also home of the first ever Subway.

And can’t forget it’s the home of the Bluefish baseball team

Aside from all that, I have moved away and always have come back home to bridgeport. It has been a crazy wild time living there, seeing it change over the years. I have been away for 7 years now and have only gone back to visit and everytime I get excited. My hometown may have gotten worse, violence wise, but I would always love and find my way home.


#Hello, Annapolis!#

Ah Annapolis Md. Home of Annapolitans and sailboats.

Annapolis was the Capital of the United States few about a year, an honor few cities can claim. The Treaty of Paris (it ended the Revolutionary War) was signed here and it is the sailboat capital of the world!

Being a local I don’t have any pics of the true landmarks but these photos are of things that have stood out to me.

Bonus picture of a man scratching his head wondering what happened to the man hole. Notice it isn’t just the cover but also the ring the cover sits in. This occurred after we got tons of rain that overwhelmed the old system.


#Hello, Patagonia#

It is full of untouched nature, beautiful places with beautiful mind people and excellent food. We went there for two weeks and spent some times in Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas, Torres Del Paine, El Carafate, El Chalten. Every single place was breath taken (by both the amazing scenery and the effort to hike up there). It is definitely one of the places we are willing to go back again even though it is so far away.


#Hello, Denver#

With Colfax (US 40) the longest main Street in America running down the center of the city at 28.6 miles. Gold was dicovered roughly three miles South of present day downtown in 1858. As for famous sites: many hotels and motels have still neon signs that light up the night. The U.S. Mint is located in this city. Not the candy, but Hammond’s candy does make sweets that give dentist nightmares. Celestial seasonings is just North of this city.


#hello, (Temescal Valley California)#

There nothing to do out here it’s kind of away from the city but there’s a forest and a highway with the same last name as my


I know Denver!


It has definitely changed. Places that use to be open field are filled with houses, apartments and shopping centers. The Stapleton air traffic control tower is still standing and turned into a punch bowl social something. I’ll have to get more photos as I moved the ones from the phone to the computer. Forgot to mention the many tourist attractions from modern art museum to the museum of nature and science. The zoo. Non modern art museum. Molly Brown house. Musuem of miniture dolls and toys.


I know Bridgeport, CT. Visited a few miles to its northeast, which may be technically Stratford.

On the crime issue, I’d recommend using the police crime stats as the media love to exaggerate problems for eyeballs attention. People are good.

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#Hello, Detroit#

Home of American industry. Muscle, grit, and pride. I grew up just a few miles from the Rouge Ford plant where it all started and most of my family has spent their lives breaking their backs building many of the cars we drive and during various times building artillery for the United States military in these plants to protect us in WW1, Vietnam, and WW2.

Proud to be an American and proud to from Detroit Rock City.


Hello New York City!!

Although I don’t go out to Manhatten as much anymore, my neighborhood Far Rockaway is cool as well (sort of) and has its own uniqueness! Every year during the summer when the Rockaway Beaches are “Open” everybody from the families and tourists come down to the sandy shores to bathe in the hot sun and cool down in the chilly North Atlantic Waters! Far Rock isn’t as busy as Putnam or 5th Ave and that’s what gives it a homey type of feel for me, and honestly if it wasn’t for the beach so close to me I would’ve moved.


Not only that but Fat Joe lived in the Rockaways and sung about us in Lean Back!

Also more photos


My cousin and her husband have just relocated there from Melbourne (Australia) for her job. They’ve only been in San Fran a fortnight and love it so much

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I really want to travel after reading your comments!!!


#Hello, Tokyo!#

Where do I even begin? This city was full of life. I loved exploring everywhere I went. You could always find the most random and hilarious shops and items in back alleys, tucked behind the busy streets. Japan is a beautiful country and Tokyo is an amazing city. I loved that I was able to time my watch to trains (their commuter system was awesome!!) I loved how the city had giant Forrest’s surrounding temples so that you could forget you were in a busy city for a few minutes while you relaxed and ate your freshly bought dango and onigiri on a park bench. And have I mentioned how everything is orderly? Everyone takes pride in their jobs. Everyone makes a conscious effort not to overstep boundaries. And they do their part to contribute to their society. I’m not saying it’s the perfect city, but I definitely miss living there. I can’t wait to go back! (Also the food is to die for… literally… it’s so good… T-T Now I’m hungry…)

I remember this one time I was entering a shopping Center and there was a person who was about to leave… so I held the door open and said “douzo” which basically translates to “go ahead” or “after you”. The elderly woman shook her head at me and replied douzo right back to me. Being the simple Canadian that I am… I could not allow this woman to out-polite me. So I motioned again for her to go first, still holding the door and again saying Douzo. After about a solid 30 seconds of awkwardness a guy came running up to the door. Saw the great Canadian vs. Japanese politeness stand-off going on, bowed to both of us and said “SUMIMASEN!!!” Which means “SORRY!!!” And ran through between us. I knew at this point I’d never win, and I went first, but still managed to hold the door open to the lovely Japanese woman who smiled… knowing she had won The Great Douzo War of 2014…


#Hello, Kansas City!#

The city with many nicknames, and more and more to do each year as young adults move in from the surrounding suburbs.

The Paris of the plains:

Home of world-renowned sports teams:

And the best BBQ around:

I’ve lived all over the world, but there’s no place like home for this proud Kansas Citian!


#Hello London!#
I used to work and live in London for two years, I really loved the city a lot! Back then I was single and had loads of time, apart from going to pubs with colleagues after work (something we kinda had to do…) I developed a hobby of photography, London is a really good photogenic place I often found myself randomly discovering new places.

I am sure almost everyone have seen the iconic London eye, London Bridge, the parliament building and the Big Ben, so here I have some photos of the building and area I like — The Royal Court of Justice! The high court of the UK. It always remind me of Magic for some reason, I am a big Harry Potter fan and I always imagine this would be what the Ministry of Magic look like :wink: with the cone shaped building tops.

There is also a monument nearby with a dragon on top, it marks boundary of the political centre - City of Westminster and the economic centre - City of London even though they are called city but together they are all parts of London we know of!

Now I have a family and live in a much smaller and quieter city in the east of England, but I do miss London and do go back a lot! :slight_smile:


#Hello, Montréal#

So much to do. So little time. Really, at any given moment there are so many events, concerts, expos, parties, and even sales that it’s virtually impossible to always be on top of everything. Two weeks ago, a great Senegalese singer I love was in town for a concert. I learned about it last weekend. And I’m well informed. We actually call our summer here the festivals season, because there’s an uninterrupted parade of festivals happening downtown throughout the summer, ranging from music - like our world-famous Jazz festival - to circus, to comedy. Not to mention the museums.

We have great parks, great nature around us, great little secrets like the coolest flower shop below:

Yes, we also have winter. A long and cold one, but even that is fun, with outdoor activities crafted to profit from the cold months. And, to prepare for that, we also have am astounding autumn:

Those are all just the cellphone photos I have handy for this post. It’s a great city to any pro or amateur photographer. Just go outside with your camera to snap great pics - yes, in any season.

We also have great education, including one of the highest-rating universities in the world, we are leading the way in videogame development and are about to do the same with AI.

Plus, we have a clean city, very low violence rate, high employability, and one of the most multicultural metropolis in the world. Is it perfect? No, sure. For one, there’s no Anker store here. :wink: But it is a wonderful place to live nevertheless.