Heated vest

Can I run a heated vest with Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 PD (18W) Power Bank, High-Capacity 20000mAh? If so, should I run the core on trickle mode or wide open? The vest plugs in via USB

I think more info is needed on the vest such as wattage, amps and etc…

once you’ve figure out the power requirements of the vest I recommend getting two 10kmah battery banks lighter and will allow you to always keep one on the charger.

trickle charge mode is intended to keep the charger active when a low current is being pulled from the battery . great when charging a device with a tiny battery but not very useful for your particular needs.

Unfortunately I cannot find the current vest info. It is a Tactical Grizzly Electric Heated Survival Vest and the website is no longer active, garmet states nothing, and my Google skills are below average today. Outside of that, if I wanted to get a real/better vest, and that vest required 5v-10,000mA, I just need at least that? So my 20k anker could power that vest on whatever setting at whatever time length that the garmet specifies? I just don’t want to “break” my power bank by running something I shouldn’t.

I have a heated hoodie that uses a 5V input, so most power banks work with it. The issue I’ve run into is the heat regulation system: once the heated hoodie reaches its set temperature, it stops pulling significant power from the power bank for several minutes, which causes the power bank’s auto-off function to kick-in and cut the power, which prevents the hoodie from “waking up” the power bank when the temperature gets too low. In theory, the “trickle” charge mode should work since it prevents the auto-off function, but really the only way to know for sure is to test it.

Then new garment sounds like it will work with an Anker power bank. To help with the longevity of the power bank, it would be best to not deplete it completely (promptly recharge it when it gets below around 20-30%, or one LED light on the built-in gauge).