Hearing aids

Have you ever thought about making some.

I mean, at it’s basic, it’s a microphone and speaker!

I’m moderately deaf in both ears. I’ve been wearing hearing aids for 5 years now, and today I picked up ear molds and a brand new set of hearing aids.

I wonder have you ever thought of doing them, or even accessories for them?

Just a thought

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I am deaf in my right ear according to the US Government. Had a hole in my eardrum when I was a kid and they repaired it, due to the type of surgery they did to repair it I’m marked as deaf. Although I still hear sounds but at a significantly reduced level.

Now the zolo liberty + has a transparency mode which I love as it amplifies sounds around me. If Anker just made a stand alone product for this feature alone, I think many would buy it. I know I would


So.you don’t actually use a H.A.? (Hearing Aid)

I just picked up a pair of PHONAK AUTO M, considering my last pair were new 3 years ago, it’s amazing how much these have an even clearer sound.

My main issues are…
Mishearing people (where you might say one thing but I hear something different and it usually has nothing to do with what was said).
Also, just generally not hearing sounds or people. The TV volume esp is very loud according to my fiancée (and neighbours!) It’s a compromise between me hearing the TV n Jane not getting blasted out! Still I constantly ask her… What did they say… The people on TV.

But worse of all, is the constant buzz/whine I get with tinnitus.

I’m also extremely sensitive to high pitched sounds. They hurt my ears. Apparently it has a really long word, that means being sensitive to the Hertz you’ve lost.

Correct I don’t use a hearing aide, never been able to get the doctors to prescribe it. They all tell me because there’s a faint hearing at very low volumes I hear things others don’t they can’t prescribe them. So I deal with it

I spose that the difference (advantage) with our NHS (National Health Service). There’s times I could (and do) swear like mad at our service, but sometimes it does work well, like today.

You do need to reach a minimun hearing loss, but once you do, you qualify for FREE H.A. .

I just peaked at the zolo. Very nice, I have wondered when I first saw them, if these help in normal day to day hearing. Not as a total replacement, but as an alternative, when I want to listen to music as well, when on the move.

I’m surprised it took to last year or so, for subvocal to take off. I remember in the 90s one of the cell phone accessories companies did a wired one ear subvocal headset to make n take calls with.

This sounds actually do-able today. Given items like the Zolo Liberty+ can selectively transmit sound it hears internally.

Probably what is needed is a phone app which allows you to program the buds to boost some sounds and suppress other sounds to the individual’s condition, each bud independently.