Headphones Q10 issues with dropping stereo on PC and can't use mic while listening to stereo audio even-though its the same PC

I’m a big fan of Anker, but I’m super disappointed with these headphones. First the sound is AMAZING so this makes it that much more frustrating. First I pared them with my PC and tried to play call of duity…Well you can’t use the stereo sound while using the mic. … That odd… so to use the mic at all I need to have a communications device enabled.

That’s not all, the sound for the regular stereo device regularlly drops off. Windows will show sound is playing but No sound. I need to disconnect and reconnect.

Lastly the aux cable has 3 prongs so L+R+Mic… yet you don’t support microphones over the wire? I’m confused? So you assumed your customers would buy a headset and only want to use the mic ONLY with Bluetooth and ONLY with a cell phone and ONLY for PHONE calls, but then you’re going to make the sound quality for music amazing then not let me use it for games??? OR for my PC???

Please help me because I feel like this is a cruel trick being played on me, the sound is amazing and I don’t know if I can go to another headset, but I’ve NEVER had so much problems connecting a Bluetooth device to use in this way. I’m 40 yo and I’m a help desk worker who’s been doing desk side support for 15+ years. So I know how to troubleshoot.

Maybe I’m missing something, or maybe this device is just defective. I’m leaving towards defective.

When I connect to MY PC the audio cuts off is anything happennds with sound. If I load a game the sound drops and I have to reconnect. If I’m using my PC and try to listen to music and use the mic I can’t.

The hands-free audio device had TERRIBLE quality, cuts off people on the phone so I can’t hear them,… Crackling … but when I play regular music everything is ok…but only on my android. On my android the device can reach really far, but with my PC or on a call I get crap reception and audio.

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I have the same problem. There has been no way that I’ve found to use the microphone on these headphones when connected to the computer. I ended up going to my sound setting and just disabling the hands-free functions of the headset so that my sound doesn’t mess up trying to work.

About sound quality make sure that you have the boost settings in the device properties turned on and they should sound great. If you still have problems maybe get a sound mixer app better then the default windows one.

did you find any solution?
Starraft the same issue,

only 2 choice.
mono terrible sound+ mic working
good stereo sound+ mic not working.

im on DEsktrop PC, and using CSV bluetooth 4.0 dongle.

is that the same with the notebooks?