So a few days ago I got the Liberty Air 2s.
I’ve noticed that since that day I’ve been getting headaches nonstop.
These are my first ever true wireless earbuds. Is it possible that this is the reason? Or could the constant hissing noise ik the background be the cause? Does/did anyone else get headaches?

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I have been using Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro (last 1 month) and Air pods (8 months)… No headaches or any issues… (I do hear the slight white sound but greatly reduced in the replacement I received plus firmware upgrade)

But this varies from person to person, also has to do with hearing sensitivity… The more sensitive the hearing, you would hear the hissing or white noise and may have some effects, but I have not heard of any such things though.

I am very sensitive though, on the hear ID test I got a flat line. But the this is the third day of getting a headache and I feel like it’s getting worse everyday.

Do you get headaches when you use wired headphones/earbuds?

Nope, I use wired headphones everyday and I don’t get headaches.


Hmm, that’s strange. Maybe you really are sensitive and somehow the wireless earbuds are giving you headaches

The difference is that these is are way further in my ear canal. Maybe this is the reason because there’s more pressure or something. I’m not an expert at all so I wouldn’t know.

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With in-ear earbuds, the sound is pushed down the ear canal, and you get a more intense sound, so wouldn’t need as much volume as you’d use with on ear headphones.

To have a continuous headache even the next day, is not normal and not from using earpods. You may get ear ache for a day or 2 if you pushed the pods in too far or incorrectly. Again should clear up in a few days.

If you hear hissing after using pods, it’s because you’ve had them too loud, and your ears are recovering.

If a week after you still get hissing, go to an audiologist and get a check up.

It’s rare, but it’s possible to get an in-ear, ear infection which could give you a constant headache and hissing. This would normally come from either sharing the pods, or wearing for too long… Ear wax is your defense against infection, and is not dirty. However, if there’s old earwax on the pods when you use them, this could also cause an infection… The stale earwax could hold bacteria.

If you’re really concerned, go see your Dr.

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The headaches do go away, but whenever I use my earbuds it will come back. The first 2 days I felt a little dizzy and nauseous. But now is day 3 of using them and it’s way worse. I’m getting mote pain than pressure in my head. I don’t even put the volume up that much because the lowest setting is already loud enough.

I might take a break for 1-2 days and try again to see what happens (on low volume of course).

Just to clarify the hissing: I was talking about the hissing/white noise coming from the earbuds and not hissing in my ears.


The liberty air 2, or the liberty 2 pro?

The liberty air 2 have a very faint static that is equivalent to every Speaker or earbuds I’ve ever used.

If it’s more sever then that of which you hear with other speakers, then contact support as they’re probably defective.

And JSYK I’m extremely noise sensitive as well. I got a flat line on the HearID as I heard every tone played.

They’re the liberty air 2, not the liberty 2.
It might be a defect, I think we have some bluetooth headphones laying around so I’ll give those a shot and listen for any hissing noise.

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How long are you using them on a daily basis? Are you taking breaks throughout the day?

I’d recommend trying a different pair of wireless earbuds and see if you still have the same problem

I don’t get headaches but the hooks that make them stay in place are too hard and hurt my ears when I’m using them

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Liberty air 2 don’t have hooks…

i agree that you may want to go to the doctor potentially. I agree that excessive noise may be affecting your ear canal fluid or it’s parts and thus is giving you issues. It could be an underlying issue to something else. I mean my son had an ear infection and it did not show the direct sign of it hnor did his most recent strep he had.

Could the headache be due to pressuring on the ears? I know that I get headaches and earaches if I have certain headphones or earbuds in my ears for a period of time.

I’m not using them for long periods because it gives me headaches. The longest period I used them was probably about an hour. And i do pay attention to the volume.

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Update: I haven’t used my earbuds for 24 hours, my headache is almost completely gone. Tomorrow I will try them again to see if it’s the earbuds giving me the headache or not.

Keep us updated :+1:

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