HDMI port is not working on anker 5 in 1 usb c dock

Ethernet and HDMI port isnt working in my laptop lenovo idepad 320s. Please help

Are you saying that your laptops HDMI and ETHERNET port on the laptop are not working? Or are you saying Anker 5 in 1 USB C Dock is not working? Just trying to understand …

Try a different cable

So sorry to learn about the problem with your device! Please first confirm the following information to see if the troubleshooting is helpful or not:
-Confirm the C port of your device support media display
-Try a different device
-Try a different HDMI cable
-Plug your HDMI cable directly into your devices and see if you get a stable connection

If the problem remains unchanged, please contact our customer support at [support@anker.com] and we’d be glad to assist you further.

HDMI port not working on anker 7 in 1 usb c dock HP Laptop
but I tried on Dell laptop and it’s working fine.

please advise ?

Does your HP laptop support DP to transmit video over USBC?

Many don’t. You need to research your HP laptop.