HDMI BaseT connection

Hi, can the Nebula Capsule connect to a HDMI BaseT source? The connection works fine with a TV but the capsule is showing “No HDMI Signal”. Any clues? Thanks in advance

I had never even heard of base T until reading this. Can’t help you sorry. I’m sure some of our more senior members will answer your question soon.


Thanks for taking a look. To be clear, we use a HDMI BaseT receiver to convert it into a hdmi signal. TV works fine but Capsule doesn’t seem to receive it. Any clues much appreciated?

@ncur I am afraid the capsule will not connect to an HDMI Base T source. If you want to connect Capsule with your TV, please use an HDMI cable. Thanks

Please feel free email us at support@seenebula.com if you need further assistance.

Thank you. Just to be clear, we are connecting it with a HDMI cable. The setup is Cable box > HDMI > HDMI Base T Matrix > CAT7 > Base T Receiver > HDMI > Capsule. Very confused why it’s not working given that the television works fine. Might be worth flagging the limitation somewhere in the specification?