Hbo max app not working from play store

I loaded the hbo max app from the play store and it does not work on the mars 2. Movies never start when I click the start arrow in the lower left corner. One time it did start to play the audio but no video. I’m hoping you and the developers continue to get more applications to work. Thanks.

The original HBO Go never worked from the GPS either! In addition, ATT TV NOW app doesn’t work since the upgrade. The previous version was fine. Since ATT is now the gatekeeper of HBO Max, I suspect they are using the same development team with the same issues.

Comcast never allowed us to use hbo go until recently. I think it now works for me. Forget since I have another android box. I’ll check and confirm later. I can use their stream app on the mars2.

Probably due to the fact that it uses Widevine DRM (like pretty much every other streaming app) which the Mars 2 doesn’t support. Anker would have to get it certified, which should be possible but probably won’t happen at this point.