Having Problems with my PowerCore+ 26800 PD

So I just bought the PowerCore+ 26800 PD and it says that it is capable charging laptops with by usb c, but when I connect it to my Razer Blade Stealth it does not charge it. I push the button then plug in the cable to my pc. It says it’s charging but after like 30-60 sec the button on the charger starts blinking and on my laptop it constantly shows it charging and not charging. Am I doing something wrong?

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Sounds like a compatibility issue. You could try another cable to rule out connection issues however I would suggest you email support@anker.com to see if the laptop is a supported model for the PowerCore+ (as some are incompatible due to the internal technology)…

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I haven’t got one but I thought you had to press the button first, insert the cable into the PD charger, then insert the other end to your device (laptop).

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Unfortunately the Razor requires an input of 45watts because of how much power it can draw while In use, and the powercore can only output 30watts via power delivery so it is incapable of charging this laptop


Agreed, there is also the higher end version that utilizes a 65W supply, throwing a 30W output at it wouldn’t do a thing really. The example laptop that anker has listed is the 2015 macbook, which is listed to charge at 29W so the battery pack would work. I think you just picked an undersized pack for a high power using Razor.

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That’s really helpful to know. i had my suspicions about PD from powerbanks and laptops in particular. Is the solution a better bank or to focus on getting laptops at 30W?

Theres only a handful of laptops that charge at 30 watts so it may be slim pickings trying to decide which to get. Or get a bank that can output 45watts or more and then you have more options to choose from

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Not saying you’re wrong, but if that is true it’s just dumb, a laptop with PD should just recharge slower off a weaker charger. Like with phones or tablets, slower chargers = slower charging, != No charging.

While I cant really speak for a razor laptop, using an underpowered charging system on a dell will throttle the performance of the laptop (the battery also discharges even when plugged into AC in some instances). What each laptop manufacturer does to show an issue may vary, but it is common to see something when not using equivalent equipment. I even saw a dell latitude series laptop require a full system restart just to use a bigger adapter than it was using at the time (was 45W, replaced with 90W).

The problem has nothing to do with the battery pack, but the razor system itself. Do a search and you will see others having the same issue and they explicitly say not to charge with anything less than 45w charger as the system will NOT throttle itself to accommodate less of a charge and can potentially be damage due to it’s high powered nature.

Laptops are different beast than phones, so you really cannot just assume less power will mean slower charge. Some things are not meant to be underpowered


Ive already experienced. I never said this is the issue for sure, i said it could happen depending on manufacturers. Odd performance of any electronic device has a possibility of being a result of the supplied power.

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