Having problems charging

Just been reading another company’s page on wireless chargers and charging.

Now, I don’t say this often, but I just learned something, and I’d like to share.

If you’ve been having problems charging your small devices (ear/headphones, speaker etc) then this COULD be the reason.

…If the current is too large, Bluetooth devices like sports bracelets and wireless headphones will only charge in the first few seconds.

This means that your devices aren’t charging, and it could be that your giving them TOO MUCH POWER‽

I think, this is where ankers IQ comes in to stop that from happening.

What you think?


Trickle charging?


This is why I use Anker’s IQ for sure!

Could this be why my rechargeable hearing aids (Phonak) are not recharging? They are blue tooth enabled.
What is Ankers IQ; is that a second product I need to buy. I have the Ankers PowerCore 20100. Thanks!

Yes Franz.

As you know, we get a few queries a year, asking g why won’t ??? charge. I think this could be a big reason for that… I know I didn’t know this before… I knew that some items needed only a small charge or trickle charge, but not that a big charge won’t charge!

There is another thread about that kind of charging.
Rob and Neil mentioned that “trickle charging” as well.
And it seems the fellow got it ready.

This is what we all want here.
Giving answers and hope these are helping.

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I shared Franz cos some people complain of their small devices not charging, and this could be one reason.

Yes it’s sort of about trickle charge, but also solving an issue some are having, without knowing the reason.

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That’s the reason Mac.
Small devices don’t suck enough, so normal pb don’t support and don’t charge.
Hope I haven’t frightend you as much, when showing you Rosa!

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It was more that I nearly choked on my drink laughing!