Have you ever managed to break an Anker?

I believe that the Anker power banks are really robust compared to other brands. This is one of the reasons I recommend Anker to friends. Has anyone actually managed to break an Anker by dropping it? If so, what were the circumstances and how visible was the damage? Conversely, have you dropped an Anker from a great height or done other damage to it and it’s survived?

Ive had to 2 Astro E7s the first broke when the recharge port sleeve broke off and feel into the device after 6 months. The second one did the same exact thing yesterday when I went to charge it after not using it for 3 weeks. The first one I did drop a few times during owning it. The second has never been dropped through out the 7 months i owned it. Its one of the best power banks you can own with very fast charging of any device plugged into it. But for me the quality has not been great.

That’s sad to hear. Between my wife and I we have had at least six Anker powercore and powercube portable chargers over the last few years. The only problem we’ve ever had was one output port stopped working on one of them.

I have not broken or ever dropped my Anker to be honest. I guess I’m lucky:grin:

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I’ve yet to have any of my Anker products fail on me. I’ve heard the random story of some defective items, but Anker support is always quick to respond/replace those. I’m sure if Vincent (above) contacts them about his Astro E7 they’ll send him a new one, or something comparable if that model isn’t made anymore.

I drop my powercore bunch of times cause of my kids and some time I’m in the rush and so far they all seem fine still. But can’t say the same about the USB cables.

I was curious about the construction of the Powerline cable with aramid fibre (or kevlar) to see what it was like. So, I cut a normal Powerline cable, it was easy to cut with a good scissor (so you are warned). The aramid fibres was very very small, greenish and stuff between cables. I am not sure how they could combine so many little wires into one cable, but look like they helped to hold the cable against normal usage. It is a cool stuff.

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I have never broken an anker and I have never owned an anker :stuck_out_tongue: lol but Anker products… I have see a broken portable charger when my friend drove over his with his car lol

Breaking or cracking the casing, sure. The functionality is still the same and that’s what matters to me in a powerbank.

Can’t say I have, it gets knocked around a bit but this hasn’t brought any issues or damage that I’m aware of that isn’t cosmetic.

Not managed to break the power banks yet! But I’ve Managed to break their cables. The power line lightning to USB cable. The rubber at the USB side split and exposed the inner cables. Was a bit disappointed tbh, but you can’t fault their warranty and CS. They sent out a new replacement for me!